Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machines’ ability to “learn” marks a new chapter in digital transformation; it breathes new life into the potential for unstructured data and software, and marks a profound shift in interface and customer experience. It also introduces unprecedented risks and societal questions enterprises have yet to confront.

Despite the massive breadth and threats of AI’s potential, enterprise preparation for AI has centered almost exclusively on data prep and data science talent. While without data there would be no AI, enterprises that fail to ready the broader organization, chiefly people, process, and principles, don’t just stunt their capacity for good AI, they risk sunk investment, jeopardize employee trust, brand backlash, or worse.

Is your enterprise AI ready? 


Kaleido Insights’ latest research report introduces a framework for organizational preparedness for AI based on original qualitative research, including interviews with 27 leaders from Adobe, Accenture, CapitalOne, FedEX, IBM, Kimberly-Clark and others. This research is the first to market to articulate the need for readiness beyond data and data science talent and identifies and examines five fundamentals businesses must prepare for sustainable AI.

Each of the five areas of AI readiness are essential for enterprise preparedness. They offer businesses structure, tools, frameworks, and best practices to lay the human, business, and technical foundations for the next phase of digital transformation.

The report offers a deep dive into each area, including:

  • Scope & definition
  • Key roles
  • Case examples from real-world deployments
  • Common approaches, pitfalls, and solutions
  • Best practices
  • Critical questions to ask

This research is for forward-thinking executives, data, product, and innovation leaders interested in exploring how to design and deploy AI for long-term adoption and enhance data strategies.

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Upon purchasing this report, your organization receives a complimentary analyst inquiry call to review key research findings. We encourage you to use this time to discuss your company’s most pressing questions and needs.