Jessica Groopman has been selected to join the Nexxworks Collective, a world-renowned group of innovation leaders and keynote speakers. She will share Kaleido Insights’ research findings and perspectives on the future of consumers, business, and society with Nexxworks’ clients from around the globe. 

Nexxworks’ Thought Leader Collective is a select tribe of future-forward visionaries, each of whom has unique areas of expertise and whom together create greater positive change in the world. We adopt a 1+1=11 mentality, sharing, speaking and collaborating in ways that track how the world is evolving. We’re guides on a journey towards the “The Day After Tomorrow.” Part think tank, part executive education, part cultural exchange, nexxworks inspires, connects, provokes and transforms through learning journeys around the world, a range of digital and virtual offerings, and customized innovation programs.

Jessica will lead innovation sessions in several areas aligned w:jith Kaleido Insights’ research themes:

  • Enterprise Sustainability & Regenerative Business Models
  • Digital Trust and the Future of the Social Contract
  • Health & Wellness and the convergence of Biotech and Infotech
  • Future of Work and re-thinking Digital Transformation 
  • Ambient Computing and the rise of Ecosystem-Business Models 

Learn more about the Collective, innovation keynotes, workshops, or Jessica’s keynote topics, reach out to meKaleido Insights or Nexxworks