For millennia, humans have divided time using a trifecta model: Past, Present, and Future.

“Past, Present, Future” by Rollin Kocsis

I have long been fascinated with the ancient past, particularly as it relates to the human fate and condition. As an anthropology major, I specialized in prehistoric anthro in college and immersed myself in the physical, psychological, environmental prerequisites to why we are the way we are— today. Present day.

A few archaeological digs, a one-way ticket across the country, a couple jobs, and a number of years later, I find myself working in the high-tech, fast-paced, innovation-friendly world of Silicon Valley at a firm that specializes in the impacts of disruptive technologies on the modern market. I can’t help but ponder the irony that these two extremes have gripped so much of my adult, professional, and intellectual life.


I somehow landed at the juxtaposition of my passion around human evolution (past to present) with some of the most cutting-edge thinking and technological innovations known to mankind (the future?).

So, who cares? Well, not many. I intend to use this space to illlustrate and consider the spectrum between our past and future to look at the present in a new way. One we intuit, but rarely recall.

I hope to “unearth” insights on how we may or may not adopt new technologies to accomplish, improve, phase out, or just enjoy what it is that makes us human. We are a complex species which generally shares a surprisingly simple pleasures and aspirations. I’m interested in bridging our predetermined condition of the past with where we are today and where we’re going.